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The Effect of Traditional Cleaning Products

It has been gathered that some cleaning products purchased at your local supermarkets can be harmful to your health. In has been found that there are many chemicals and toxic materials found in some of these cleaning products which can be detrimental if used too frequently. Anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) bleach, upholstery cleaners, drain-cleaners, and ammonia are a few examples that can pose a health risk for you, family member, or a pet. These chemicals are known for causing Liver damages, neurological damage, and dizziness. This can also harm children’s health if the products are being used at home. This method of cleaning isn’t good for the working environment especially if the offices are well ventilated.

Within the scientific world, it has been proven that green products, decreases your impact on the world. This is because, unlike these toxic chemicals, eco-friendly products, doesn’t contribute towards destroying our ozone layer nor towards the global problem of climate change.

When you pull the flush after loading your loo with thick bleach or you rinse out the contents of the kitchen sink after you’ve slathered it in anti-grime lotions and potions, it will eventually end up in a sewer or septic tank system or worse still, the sea, soil, and waterways. This process disturbs water systems with harmful toxins and affects our wildlife. Phosphates, for example, are a water-softening mineral additive, this acts as a fertilizer when introduced into the waterways and it results in an overgrowth of algae which eventually depletes the water’s oxygen supply and thus harms and kills fish and other aquatic life.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here. Residue from these products gets left behind on work surfaces, in baths and sinks, and on your taps, floors, and carpets. From here, you are in contact with these chemicals daily and of course, that can’t be good.

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