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At we care cleaning we believe green cleaning to be more than just a trend and that sustainability is key to improving human safety and the environment. We will always do our utmost to make your home green by going through great measures to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability;

And here is how:

Economic Sustainability:
  • At we care cleaning we offer good quality services at sensible prices.
  • Our natural eco-friendly cleaning solutions are concentrated which last longer and make a positive difference to the environment and its a lot cheaper than other eco-friendly cleaning products that are being sold online and in stores.
  • We care about our workers and clients we use eco-friendly cleaning so we do not expose our staff nor clients to harsh chemicals.
Social Sustainability:
  • Our natural eco – cleaning products protects our health by removing harmful impurities contributing to a healthier life style as well as keeping our homes green.
  • We offer all the necessary equipment for all staff members.
Environmental Sustainability:
  • We minimise the consumption of water by only using the necessary amount and saving energy by turning off all household utilities.
  • We recycle where possible.
  • We follow a 100% Zero Waste policy.
  • All staff members at We Care Cleaning are required to act in accordance with our company’s environmental policy which they have read and signed before their first shift with us.

As a green business, we have identified five areas that are important to us and have made a commitment to. These commitments represent our integrated approach to being a responsible business.

These are:

  1. Caring for everyone involved in our business activities.
  2. Developing our people Training, developing, and supporting our workforce.
  3. Caring for the environment Conserving our resources and minimising impact.
  4. Building and working together with our business partners – Collaborating with business partners in delivering a green service.
  5. Giving back to our communities – Educating and investing in communities

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