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Why Green Cleaning?

Isn’t it great returning home from a busy day to a spotless home? Windows sparkling, stainless carpets, spotless surfaces. Beautiful sight right? Whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner we all want our properties squeaky clean whilst ensuring a safe environment for not only ourselves but, our families, tenants, and those surrounding us. Green cleaning allows us to protect those within the home and our environment at the same time.

Green cleaning itself isn’t relatively new, it has been in production since the early 1970s, whereby products such as vinegar and lemons and essential oils were the main source of ingredients. Similarly, we have seen an increase in growing interest and increased awareness in green cleaning services over the past 10 years through which so many new brands are using green cleaning products in alternative to traditional cleaning products.

What comes to mind when hearing the term ‘Green cleaning’? There’s a common consensus that green-friendly products do not work as well as your traditional cleaning products. This is a myth! Strong chemicals aren’t essential to give houses a good clean. Natural ingredients are just as effective and most importantly harmless. Unlike, your traditional cleaners, cleaning in an eco-friendly manner won’t leave nasty toxins in bath tubes and most importantly leaves the water systems flowing fluently with no intoxication of nasty chemicals.

We often get strong urges to use a lot of chemicals because they often perceived to be much effective than any other product. However, they’re not only hostile towards stains, but they are also detrimental to peoples’ health and our environment.

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